Why Your Legs and Hips May be Causing Your Back Pain

If you have pain in your lower back, legs or hips, the source may be hard to pinpoint. Oftentimes the area of your back that is hurting could be a clue to where the pain is coming from. Chiropractors know that pain coming from one area might not be originating from that same area. Your legs and hips may be causing your back pain. Here is why.


Hip Pain Can Radiate to the Lower Back

When your hips are tight, the surrounding joints are under pressure. This tightness can radiate upwards, causing pain in the lower back. Sciatica, a condition where there’s pressure on the sciatic nerves, can cause pain in the lower back, hips, and sides of the legs. Your chiropractor uses techniques and adjustments on both your lower and upper body to effectively reduce your pain.

How the Legs Affect the Spine

Your legs are responsible for carrying your entire body weight all day long. This is quite a job! If you have a physical job or frequently wear heavy boots or high heels, this can take quite a toll on your spine alignment. It is important to remember that everything in your body is connected. An issue with your foot or ankle can affect your knees, which in turn can affect your hips, which can affect your back, and so on.

Finding the Pain Source

The goal of chiropractic care is to determine the root of your pain, not just treat the symptoms. By using x-rays and exams, your chiropractor will diagnose your pain source and come up with a personalized treatment plan. So, no matter where your pain is coming from, your chiropractor can help you find the source.


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