Why Try Chiropractic Before Surgery

Back pain can be debilitating. No matter what the cause for your back pain may be, you just want it to stop. We understand that. Many medical doctors will suggest extremely invasive spinal surgeries as a solution for back pain, but there’s no guarantee surgery will eliminate your pain. In fact, surgery could possibly cause more pain, intensify your existing pain, or cause a long list of other negative side effects. Surgery should always be your last resort. Have you considered chiropractic care?


Why You Should See a Chiropractor First

Chiropractic care can significantly reduce back pain, and in some cases, eliminate it entirely. If you’ve never tried chiropractic work before and are considering surgery, we strongly recommend scheduling a consultation with a chiropractor first. The majority of back pain is caused by spinal misalignment. While surgery can correct misalignments, it is done in an invasive way that can sometimes result in more drastic side effects and physical limitations. Chiropractic treatment for back pain usually consists of gentle adjustments and care that provide long-term relief when maintained consistently.


How Chiropractic Improves Back Pain

When you go to a chiropractor for back pain, you’ll first receive an x-ray that can shed light on the area of the spine causing the issue. Most back pain is caused by spinal misalignment. Spinal issues can result in all sorts of problems like pain, headaches, digestive issues and even ear infections. Your chiropractor will develop a treatment plan specific to your individual needs and concerns. Most chiropractic treatment plans include adjustments as well as homecare like specific stretches or exercises. You may need to see your chiropractor frequently at first, from 1-3 times a week, until your pain is lessened or eliminated.


If you’re considering surgery for your back pain, consider seeing a chiropractor first. You’ll be happy you did!