Why Taking Time to Stretch Every Day is Important

While the importance of stretching before and after a workout may be common knowledge, many people aren’t aware that they should be stretching every day. Besides regular chiropractic care, taking time to stretch every day is another way to keep your spine and body healthy. Here’s why you should be stretching multiple times throughout the day.


Increases Your Range of Motion in Joints

If you have tight hips, knees, or shoulders, stretching can help. With regular stretching, you can significantly increase your range of motion in the major joints of your body. When you stretch even just for 15 minutes a day, you can substantially improve your mobility – especially in chronically tight areas.

Increase Circulation

Stretching contracts and relaxes a muscle slowly. Doing this increases blood flow to that muscle. With blood flow comes more nutrients to hydrate and nourish your muscles. Stretching regularly keeps your muscles healthy and ready to support the bones and joints in your body.

Decreases the Likelihood of Muscle Injury

When you’re a regular stretcher, you’re less likely to suffer a muscle pull or sprain. When your muscles are tight and sore, they can easily be injured. However, a healthy, stretched muscle is more resistant to injury due to sudden movement or strain. That’s why athletes are so careful to stretch before and after performing their sport.

Avoid Tightness and Pain

There’s a reason why you feel better after stretching your neck or back. Tight muscles are a major culprit in pain along your spine. When your muscles are tight, they put pressure on your joints and vertebra. Healthy muscles help support a healthy spine. This tends to lead to less pain.


Besides regular stretching, chiropractic care is also an important component of spinal health. Not sure how to stretch? The experts at Posture Doc can show you the best stretches for your needs. Come see us today!