Why Posture is Crucial to Keeping Your Spine Well-Aligned

We certainly hear about the importance of good posture often. But do you know why posture is so important? The term “posture” refers to how you position your body when you are doing everyday things like sitting, standing, or even laying down. Since humans are creatures of habit, your posture results from the habits you have formed throughout your life. Here’s why posture is crucial to keeping your spine well-aligned.


What is the correct posture?


When a chiropractor talks about “good posture”, they are referring to proper alignment of your spine when you are sitting or standing. The best positioning requires you to train yourself to maintain this proper alignment with the least amount of strain and tension on your muscles and ligaments.


Why is good posture so important?

Good posture helps keep your spine in optimal alignment. A well-aligned spine decreases wear and tear on joints, muscles, and ligaments. It also makes it less likely that you will experience back, neck, hip, or joint pain.

How does bad posture affect your spine?

When you are constantly hunching or leaning forward instead of sitting or standing up straight, you put a lot of pressure on your spine and its supporting structures. After a while, your spine becomes weighed down by overworked muscles and ligaments. This not only causes pain, but it can cause your vertebrae to be misaligned. A misaligned spine is responsible for a laundry list of negative health issues like chronic pain, headaches, muscle spasms, loss of sleep, and just a general “unwell” feeling.

How can seeing a chiropractor improve your posture?

A chiropractor can identify posture issues right away and help to correct them. Through education, adjustments, and treatment – your chiropractor can start to correct the years of bad habits that led to your bad posture.


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