Why Poor Posture Can Lead to Chronic Pain

You’ve likely heard that good posture is good for your back. This is true, but have you heard that poor posture can lead to chronic pain? Slouching or hunching over at your computer all day can lead to back, neck and even hip pain. There are many reasons why poor posture leads to pain, and it all begins with your spine.


Your Posture and Your Health

Standing or sitting up straight is not just about manners. Poor posture can deteriorate your spinal health. So, what is “good posture”? Good posture means aligning your body correctly so that your body’s force against gravity is distributed evenly. This is especially important when sitting or standing. Aligning your body properly will reduce the strain on your muscles and ligaments and allow them to support your body optimally. Some health benefits of good posture include:

  • Proper alignment of bones and joints
  • Reduced stress on muscles, ligaments, and joints
  • Allows muscles to work at their best
  • Reduces the risk of muscle or spinal injury
  • Increased flexibility

Poor Posture and Chronic Pain

Since good posture is beneficial for your health, poor posture is the opposite. When your spine is misaligned, it throws off the weight distribution of your entire body. Slouching or hunching over puts an enormous amount of pressure on your joints and ligaments. This poor posture causes other muscles to overcompensate for the load others are bearing. This leads to muscle strain and ultimately, pain. It also sets the stage for spinal problems like spinal arthritis, neck, and back problems.


Seeing a chiropractor regularly can help improve your posture immensely. Not only will it be easier to keep proper posture with a healthy spine, but you’ll be able to know if there are physical reasons why your posture is up to par. Come see the experienced chiropractors at Posture Doc today!