Why More Chiropractors are using the CBP Method

The chiropractors at Posture Doc have been utilizing the CBP method for years. More and more chiropractors are using this technique due to its effectiveness. Read on to learn more about it and why so many experienced chiropractors use it in their practices.


What is CBP?

CBP combines biology, physiology, physics, geometry, and anatomy to identify the cause of pain, discomfort, mobility loss, and other health ailments. Chiropractors use this scientific data and principles to diagnose your pain source. They also use it to come up with an individualized treatment plan best suited to your unique situation.

What makes a CBP Certified Chiropractor Different?

When your chiropractor is CBP certified, they go through an extensive educational and training program. The Chiropractic Biophysics training program uses peer-reviewed research, more than any other approach. Each CBP seminar includes the most recently identified scientific principles. They are tested on these materials to complete the certification. It’s safe to say that CBP-trained chiropractors know their stuff.

What makes CBP different?

Most chiropractic care focuses on pain relief only. CBP finds the source of the problem and corrects it. Only when the source of pain is found can it be effectively eliminated. This type of method also means your treatment plan is personalized to fit your specific needs and concerns. No two treatments are alike, because no two patients are alike. Therefore, more and more patients choose chiropractors that implement these techniques. More personalized treatment means quicker and more permanent relief.


At Posture Doc, we use the CBP method because it works. We want to provide our patients with the most effective pain relief possible, and CBP is the method that provides this. If you’re curious about what CBP can do for you and your pain, make an appointment today. Our chiropractors will explain the procedure and come up with a treatment plan for your specific needs. Have questions? Give us a call today!