Why a Misaligned Spine Can Cause Pain Throughout Your Entire Body

When you see a chiropractor for any kind of pain, the goal is to stop it at its source. Chiropractic care takes a whole-body approach to healing, with a specific focus on the spine. Your chiropractor will look for misalignments that may be causing pain. Here is why a misaligned spine can cause pain throughout your entire body.


What is misalignment?

Your spine is made up of vertebra. When your spine is aligned and functioning properly, all your vertebrae are lined up where they are supposed to be. But over time, your vertebrae can begin to slip out of place, causing a subluxation, or a misaligned spine. Misalignments can cause aches and pain, anything from dull aching pain to severe sharp pain.

Can misalignment cause other problems besides pain?

Yes, a misaligned spine can cause many different problems besides just pain. Headaches, trouble sleeping, digestive issues, and even chronic illness can occur due to misalignment. Without treatment, subluxations can begin to disrupt the health of your entire body.

Do subluxations just cause back pain?

Although back pain is the most common complaint of chiropractic patients, a misaligned spine can cause more than just back pain. Hip pain, neck pain, and headaches are also common symptoms of subluxation. When the spine is not functioning properly, it can affect different bones and joints in the body. For example, a subluxation in the lower back can cause hip pain, which in turn can cause leg, knee, and even ankle pain.

What will happen at my first chiropractic appointment?

If you are experiencing pain anywhere in your body, it could be coming from a misalignment of your spine. Your chiropractor will find the pain source using a thorough exam and an x-ray of your spine. Once a subluxation is found, a personalized treatment plan will be developed, including adjustments, exercises, and stretching.


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