What to Expect From Your First Chiropractor Visit

Visiting any doctor for the first time is something most people want to be prepared for, and that goes for chiropractors as well. If you’re experiencing chronic neck, hip, or back pain – you may have been urged to see a chiropractor for pain relief. It’s normal to be a little nervous or apprehensive if you’ve never been to a chiropractic office before. But rest assured, there’s no reason to be. Read on to learn what to expect from your first visit to the chiropractor.


The Initial Consultation

When you arrive at your first chiropractic appointment, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork, just as you would for any other doctor visit. Your health history, insurance information, and reasons for the visit will all be covered. After that, your chiropractor will meet with you to get more information about your symptoms and the concerns that brought you in. They will answer any questions you might have and explain the process of chiropractic adjustments.

The X-Ray

An x-ray is needed to assess the condition of your spine and determine the source of your symptoms. Your chiropractor will use that x-ray to help develop a treatment plan addressing your specific needs. If your chiropractor discovers particular areas of concern in your x-ray, they will point them out and explain them to you.

The Treatment Plan

Once your initial consultation and x-rays are complete, your chiropractor will discuss your treatment plan. Each treatment plan is customized to each patient. The plan may involve adjustments, exercises, stretches, massage, or other types of therapeutic treatments. The goal of every treatment plan is to help the patient live a pain-free life.


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