What Makes a CBP Adjustment Different Than a Regular One

Chiropractic care involves adjustments that focus on relieving pain and helping your muscles, especially the neck and spine, stay healthy throughout your livelihood. Still, with chiropractic adjustments, CBP adjustment takes the lead over regular ones for good reasons. Below is what makes the adjustment different from others.


CBP Adjustment Is More Than Posture; It’s About Curvature

Improved posture is what makes CBP adjustment so vital in chiropractic practices. The adjustment focuses on offering better posture in various ways, mainly depending on your chiropractor’s treatment plan based on your individual needs.

Unlike regular chiropractic adjustments, CBP works on the concept that correcting your spinal curvatures comes from a mathematically derived idea. The overall goal of the adjustment is restoring and improving normal posture. Contrary to regular adjustments where only pain relief is the focus, CBP aims to address that pain from its source and improve the overall structure of the spine.

During the adjustment, your chiropractor focuses on the optimum static position of an upright spine using the famous Harrison spinal model. CBP adjustments help patients regain their proper posture through this model by applying evidence-based side view spinal alignment techniques that restore the spine and other vertebras to their positions.

CBP Provides More Health Benefits Than Regular Chiropractic Adjustments

Unlike regular chiropractic care and adjustments, your chiropractor starts CBP by following scientifically-based examinations for your posture. They inspect your spinal alignment and identify how it needs to be adjusted. In addition, X-rays are utilized to pinpoint the causes of your spinal malfunctions and misalignment before determining a corrective plan. When correctly done, CBP offers benefits such as helping you experience a sharper mental state and feel more energized.


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