Top 3 Reasons You Have a Bad Back

When someone says they have a “bad back”, they’re referring to chronic back pain. Recurring back pain can have several causes, but some are more common than others. The good news is that most of these causes have solutions that can either minimize or eliminate back pain. Here are the top three reasons you have a bad back.


Muscle Strain

A pulled or strained muscle or ligament is a leading cause of back pain. Several muscles in the back are commonly pulled. You can pull a muscle with exercise, heavy lifting, or even just by reaching above you. If you are prone to pulled muscles, there could be an underlying problem causing them, like a misaligned spine. Stretching, massage therapy, and regular chiropractic care can cut down on your likelihood of pulled muscles.

Misaligned, Ruptured, or Bulging Disc

The individual bones, or discs, along your spine can become misaligned for a variety of reasons. When this happens, you can experience pain in that area or different areas of your back. A herniated or ruptured disc can become a severe problem without treatment, and the pain can become debilitating. Your chiropractor can diagnose this condition with an x-ray and come up with a personalized treatment plan.

Poor Posture

You may not realize how much your posture affects how your body feels. Habitually bad posture, like slouching or hunching, can take a significant toll on your spine. When your spine is constantly in an unnatural position, your back muscles have to work extra hard to compensate. This can cause quite a bit of pain in your neck, shoulders, upper and lower back. Without a conscious effort to correct your bad postures, your pain will become chronic. Your chiropractor can help you correct your bad posture habits, as well as treat the pain symptoms it’s causing.


All three of these reasons for a bad back can be helped by a skilled chiropractor. Come see the experienced professionals at Posture Doc to help you relieve your back pain today!