Tips to Prevent Back Pain When Lifting Heavy Objects

Back pain is a common issue that can become debilitating if it’s not addressed. Individuals often experience issues with pain in their back after improperly handling heavy items. Many common issues with back pain can be alleviated by practicing these techniques when picking up and carrying heavier materials.

Bend Your Knees

If you need to bend down to pick something up, bend at the knees instead of stooping over. Contorting your upper body to grab an item off the ground puts unnecessary pressure on the lower back. Even incorrectly picking up lighter materials repetitively can cause major back pain down the line.

Wear a Back Brace

Back braces are often used nowadays to ensure the spine is properly aligned at all times. Braces also work well to redirect any pressure on your back. If you’re prone to back pain, investing in a brace may help prevent many problems.

Don’t Twist the Upper Body when Lifting

When carrying an item, keep it close to your body to prevent unnecessary strain and avoid rotating the upper body. Rapidly twisting the muscles when they’re already lifting something can easily result in pulling a muscle. If needed, always get a coworker to help with lifting certain items.

Address Back Discomfort Sooner than Later

Letting back pain go on for too long could cause you to develop a chronic condition that will need medical attention. Speak up if you’re struggling with considerable discomfort and avoid tasks that could exacerbate the problem. If back pain persists after a few days have passed, it may be best to visit with a chiropractor for help.

Incorporate these simple tips into your daily routine to relieve complications with back pain. Just a few minor adjustments to work habits can make a huge difference. If your condition continues to worsen, reach out to a medical professional right away for support. If you need help, contact Posture Doc NJ today!