The Importance of Stretching Before Physical Activity

If you are active in any way, you’ve probably heard about the importance of stretching before physical activity. But why is it so important to stretch? Could you injure yourself if you do not stretch before working out? Read on to learn more about the importance of stretching.


Warming Up Your Muscles

Stretching or “warming up”, is important mostly for your muscles. Stretching opens the blood flow to your muscles, putting less stress on them when you suddenly begin physical activity. This lessens the likelihood of injury and cuts down on post-workout soreness.

Improves Posture

If you stretch before physical activity, you can help keep your back in alignment during exercise. Specifically, stretching the muscles of the lower back, shoulder, and chest will help protect your spine.

Improves Your Physical Performance

Regular stretching makes you more flexible. Flexible joints require less energy to move through a wider range of motion. So overall, stretching can improve your exercise performance and make your movement more efficient.

Cuts Down on Stress

Your muscles hold on to a lot of tension when they are tight or overworked. Stretching helps release that physical tension, but it can also cut down on stress throughout your entire body. When you begin your workout less stressed, it can be a more relaxing session, and there will be a reduced chance of an injury occurring.

Promotes Circulation

Stretching increases blood circulation not just for your muscles, but throughout your entire body. This allows for better nutrient transportation which promotes better tissue, bone, and joint health. Healthy joints and muscles always help to get the most out of each workout.


Besides regular stretching, consistent chiropractic care is always important if you are physically active. Give us a call at Posture Doc for an appointment today!