The Benefits of CBP

Modern medicine is always changing and evolving with new practices. This is true for all the different areas, with advancements in technology being largely responsible for leading the way.

While this is generally a good thing, sometimes there are methods or practices that are discovered and immediately become the industry standard. These practices stand the test of time and remain the standard for years to come. For chiropractic care, one such method is CBP.


What is CBP

Based on research and evidence, Chiropractic Biophysics (or CBP for short) is a technique that looks to correct improper curvatures of the spine. By using traditional chiropractic manipulation, a variety of target rehab exercises, and a special type of spinal traction that uses mechanically assisted stretching, CBP aims to stretch the ligaments and related tissue of the spine.

Key Benefits

If you are familiar with some of the other topics we’ve discussed before, having good posture is not just a comfort thing, it is critical for your long-term health. CBP aims to not only correct some of the issues you are feeling in your back and neck, but to strengthen your posture and avoid having to manage some of the pain altogether.

This can go a long way in helping you be mentally sharper and feel more energized. Not only that, it can help with your comfort sleeping, leading to a generally more rested feeling overall.

In addition to a better overall feeling, pain management can be another reason to go with the CBP techniques. Years of bad habits can add up over time, and your body will eventually compensate for them in the form of bad posture. This can manifest itself into a feeling of physical discomfort. With CBP, you can work to eliminate the damage done by the years of bad habits by instilling a better posture to help manage the pain.

In addition to the long-term issues, CBP can also help a great deal if you have suffered injury through a traumatic event such as an accident. Even though you may not have had any issues prior to your event, a new injury can exaggerate an issue you may have otherwise not been aware of.


If you are interested in trying some of the CBP techniques, schedule your appointment today.