See a Chiropractor Before Purchasing Any At-Home Remedies

Back pain, neck pain, hip pain and headaches can all be debilitating. Sometimes if the pain is disrupting your everyday life and nothing seems to help, you may be tempted to solve the problem yourself. There are plenty of TV and social media commercials promising gadgets and pills that can eliminate your pain. But do they work? Here is why you should see a chiropractor before purchasing any at-home remedies.


Beware of Supplements

There are lots of supplements that claim to help with pain. They might, but they might be doing other things to your health as well. Some supplements can interact with medication or certain health issues. You should consult the advice of a medical professional before adding any new supplements to your routine.

Back Pain Gadgets

If you Google “back pain devices”, you are going to be bombarded with a plethora of answers. Some may even look like medieval torture devices! Once you search for these types of devices, your social media feeds will be full of ads for the similar items. While some of these are harmless, like memory foam pillows or heating pads, some could be potentially dangerous. If you go to a chiropractor at the onset of any pain, they will be able to give you science-backed advice on which devices, if any, would help.

Chiropractic Care Eliminates the Need for At-Home Remedies

Before you shell out your hard-earned money for remedies that may not work, or even make things worse, consider seeing a chiropractor first. Chiropractic care uses scientifically backed exams, adjustments, stretching, exercise, and even massage to reduce your pain. Your chiropractor will develop a treatment plan specific to your individual needs that is meant to improve your overall health, not just eliminate pain. Chiropractic care has even been proven effective for headaches, migraines, and a whole list of other common health issues.


Before you try an at-home remedy for pain, come see the chiropractors at Posture Doc. Call for an appointment today!