How Often Should You See Your Chiropractor?

More than 31 million Americans suffer lower back pain, while 30% of American adults suffer neck pain. Seeing a chiropractor for your pain is a way to get relief, but how often should you schedule your visit with a chiropractor? The frequency of your visits will depend on the following.


Your Pain

Everyone’s type and source of pain are different, so no single schedule works for everyone. However, pain is one of the main factors that can determine a schedule for you. If you are experiencing pain in your neck or back, you should schedule an appointment immediately to seek relief.

Chiropractor Recommendations

After your initial consultation, your chiropractor will likely suggest a schedule and frequency of follow-up visits to offer more consistent relief. Often, you will need more than one session to address the root of your pain. These visits can also help to decrease the likelihood of the pain returning.

There are three main types of sessions you can get from a chiropractor. It can be pain relief, rehabilitative services, or maintenance. When determining the kind of treatment you need, your chiropractor will recommend a visit schedule to help you accomplish your goals. For instance, if your goal is to relieve your current pain and reduce the chances of it coming back, then a chiropractor may recommend scheduling visits once per week. However, if you just want to maintain the proper shape of your spine, then a monthly schedule might help you achieve that goal.

Personal Preferences

You can also schedule your chiropractic visits based on your preference and current health situations. Depending on how you feel, you can schedule weekly or bi-weekly sessions. However, in almost all cases, it would help if you didn’t wait for more than a month to see your chiropractor.


Schedule Your Chiropractic Visit Today

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