How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Ear Infections

Ear infections can be painful, inconvenient, and even temporarily or permanently affect your hearing. According to a government study, three out of 4 children will get an ear infection by their third birthday. Although less common, ear infections can occur in adults as well. Fortunately, instead of taking pain medication or antibiotics, chiropractic care can help with ear infections.


What is an ear infection?

An ear infection can occur in the inner, middle or outer ear; however, middle ear infections are most common. The tubes behind the eardrum become clogged with fluid or mucus, which causes inflammation, pain and temporary hearing loss. This kind of ear infection is called Ottis Media, or OM, in the medical community.


How can chiropractic care help with ear infections?

If you or your child gets ear infections frequently, this generally means there is a fluid drainage problem present. With chiropractic adjustments, patients typically experience immediate relief from current infections, and over time stop experiencing them altogether. Loosening up the cervical spine and surrounding muscles allow more room for the ear’s drainage system, preventing fluid build-up and inflammation.


Are there proven results?

A study in Pediatrics & Child Health of 46 children under the age of five, found that 93% showed improvement of ear infection symptoms with chiropractic care. In addition, 75% experienced this relief and improvement, with most infections clearing up completely, in as little as 10 days.


If you or your child suffer from chronic or even occasional ear infections, chiropractic care can make a big difference. Before you pick up those antibiotics or schedule a surgery, make an appointment at Posture Doc NJ to see a qualified, experienced chiropractor. Whether you’ve received chiropractic care before, or are new to the whole process, our helpful team will get you on the right track to improve your health.