How A Drop Table Works

Drop tables play an important role in the execution of the chiropractic treatment called “Chiropractic BioPhysics” (CBP). For those of you that are new to chiropractic care, here’s a bit of information on how a drop table works.


What is a drop table?

A drop table is a specially designed table that chiropractors use. Its design resembles a massage table, with unique components that make it easy for a chiropractor to gently “drop” or lift areas of the body while performing adjustments.


How does a drop table work?

A drop table is equipped with components that can lift and drop slightly by using levers. While laying on a drop table, your chiropractor will gently drop or lift sections of the table, so your body is forced downward, while they perform adjustments on your spine. This allows your chiropractor to specifically target the adjustments more accurately. Many patients have experienced faster results and more long-lasting pain relief.


Are drop tables safe?

Yes, drop tables are very safe. Drop tables are part of some chiropractors’ vast training in treating the spine with chiropractic care. A drop table uses gravity to assist in adjustments, therefore lessening the amount of force on your spine. This results in gentler adjustments that show more targeted results.


What are some other advantages of drop tables?

For patients that are pregnant or have physical limitations due to injuries, drop tables are especially helpful. Patients can lay on their sides or in positions that don’t stress sensitive areas of their body, while their chiropractors can still make the necessary adjustments for their treatment plan. Ultimately, drop tables allow chiropractic care to be completely customizable, depending on each patient’s needs.


If you have any questions regarding drop table use in your chiropractic care, don’t be afraid to ask!