Best Practices When Working At A Desk For Long Periods

Working at a desk all day might sound like a comfortable proposition, and for some, it absolutely beats working outside all day. Additionally, when you compare it to those jobs where a lot of manual labor is involved, it might sound like the healthier, safer choice too. While that is true to some extent, sitting at a desk all day can also have its downsides.

Although it’s typically safer than lifting things all day, prolonged periods of sitting at a desk can do a number on your back. When you do this for months, or even years on end, the consequences can be serious. Here are some of the best practices to try when you have a desk job.



I’m sure by now you’ve seen someone around the office with one of those fancy stand up desks. This isn’t just a trendy thing to do, this can be very helpful for your back and body in general. Sitting for 8 hours can be harmful, especially if you don’t watch your posture. If you are unable to utilize a standing desk, make sure to take breaks to get up and walk around when possible.


When you are sitting, it’s important to try to have good posture. Bad posture such as leaning, tilting your neck a certain way, or not keeping your back straight can be very problematic to your long-term wellbeing.

Proper equipment

This one is underrated sometimes, or even ignored altogether. Having a desk at the right height can be very beneficial for your back. Make sure you feel comfortable with your arrangement, so that you aren’t reaching too far or putting yourself in awkward positions while working.


Adjusting the chair height is a good way to balance out a desk that doesn’t feel right. Be sure to set the arm rest heights too, as straining your arms and shoulders can lead to back and neck pain.

The chair itself should have good back support. Try to choose an adjustable one if possible. It is important to balance comfort and support to be at the desk for prolonged periods.

Stretching can also go a long way too. Be sure to mix up your routine so that you aren’t in the same position for long periods of time. Remember to visit your chiropractor for regular care and adjustments, as creating a regular and balanced visit schedule can prevent you from serious issues down the road.