Benefits of the CBP Method

Here at Posture Doc, our chiropractors use the CBP method because of the many benefits it offers our patients. When pain relief is the goal, one of the best options is CBP. Read on to learn why.


What is the CBP Method?

Chiropractic BioPhysics, also known as CBP, combines biology, physiology, physics, geometry, and anatomy to identify the cause of pain. It can also identify the cause of discomfort, mobility loss, and other health ailments. Your chiropractor uses this data and principles to find the underlying source of your pain. The findings are then used to create an individualized treatment plan best suited to your unique situation and relieve your specific symptoms.

How will my chiropractor use CBP?

Your first chiropractic visit will include an examination based on your posture, spinal alignment, and function. A structured treatment plan will be developed based on these findings. Your chiropractor may use x-rays in your initial exam. Your treatment plan will include adjustments, exercises, and a spinal remodeling program to treat your pain symptoms and improve your overall health. The ultimate goal of any CBP treatment is to provide you with permanent pain relief and reduce the likelihood of future symptoms.

What are the benefits of the CBP Method?

Other chiropractic methods focus strictly on the location of the pain. In contrast, CBP finds the underlying source of the pain and corrects it. It is not symptom-based care. One of the best ways to reduce long-term pain is to target the source of it. This means that the main benefit of the CBP method is long-term results. Pain shouldn’t be something you just have to deal with. Living life with less pain is possible with the CBP method.


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