Back Pain

There are many causes of back pain. In our practice we are looking for a structural cause. This is what make us different.

After a thorough history and exam, specific x-rays will be taken. After processing all the findings, a treatment plan designed for your specific case will be given to you.

My Sister-In-Law Was Right!

I wasn't well at all. My lower back pain which had been intermittent for years and became more prevalent after my second knee surgery. I had been diagnosed with 2 herniated discs and on occasion my back would "go out." This happened maybe once or twice a year. After the second knee surgery, it started to happen more and more frequently and the severity of the pain became greater and greater. It got to the point where I didn't know if any move I made would have me sitting on a chair for up to six weeks waiting for my back to heal. My sister-in-law, who also had severe back pain recommended that I see Dr. Lope. She said with a wry smile that he was not the run of the mill chiropractor. She was right! After taking x-rays and reviewing my case, Dr, Lope told me that my spine and my neck were not curved properly and that it was causing tremendous stress on my back. I needed to see him three times a week but only until he get my situation under control. It took a while, but once he felt I was stable, he had me using a Denneroll to put the proper curve in my neck and a board to put the correct curve in my spine, He told me that I need to use these things every day, starting at 10 minutes and working up to 20 minutes. He also gave me stretching exercises and told me that I would need to do them every day of my life. I listened to everything he had to say. I listened to everything he said and more importantly did everything he said. I have been going to Dr. Lope now for about nine months. Instead of seeing him three times a week, I see him once every two weeks, My back has improved tremendously, and I am able to do things I haven’t been able to do for years. I have found Dr. Lope and Candino to be caring and compassionate, and have recommended many of my friends to them. They put their patients first, and that is as it should be. You couldn't be in more qualified and capable hands
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