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The Benefits of CBP

Modern medicine is always changing and evolving with new practices. This is true for all the different areas, with advancements in technology being largely responsible for leading the way. While this is generally a good thing, sometimes there are methods or practices that are discovered and immediately become the industry standard. These practices stand the&nbsp&nbsp[Read more…]

Best Practices When Working At A Desk For Long Periods

Working at a desk all day might sound like a comfortable proposition, and for some, it absolutely beats working outside all day. Additionally, when you compare it to those jobs where a lot of manual labor is involved, it might sound like the healthier, safer choice too. While that is true to some extent, sitting&nbsp&nbsp[Read more…]

How Regular Adjustments Can Increase Productivity

For some, visiting a chiropractor is something that only pro athletes do. For most normal people, chiropractors are often only associated with people who experience chronic back problems. Or worse still, the idea that the only time you need to see your chiropractor is after an incident such as a car accident. While pro athletes,&nbsp&nbsp[Read more…]

The Importance of Stretching Before Physical Activity

If you are active in any way, you’ve probably heard about the importance of stretching before physical activity. But why is it so important to stretch? Could you injure yourself if you do not stretch before working out? Read on to learn more about the importance of stretching.   Warming Up Your Muscles Stretching or&nbsp&nbsp[Read more…]

How the CBP Method Differs From Other Conventional Methods

Chiropractic BioPhysics, also known as CBP, is the world’s leading chiropractic technique. This effective technique is used by chiropractors all over the world. Most chiropractors, and patients, prefer this technique to other conventional methods for many different reasons. Read on to learn why.   What is CBP? CBP combines biology, physiology, physics, geometry, and anatomy&nbsp&nbsp[Read more…]

Why Poor Posture Can Lead to Chronic Pain

You’ve likely heard that good posture is good for your back. This is true, but have you heard that poor posture can lead to chronic pain? Slouching or hunching over at your computer all day can lead to back, neck and even hip pain. There are many reasons why poor posture leads to pain, and&nbsp&nbsp[Read more…]

Why More Chiropractors are using the CBP Method

The chiropractors at Posture Doc have been utilizing the CBP method for years. More and more chiropractors are using this technique due to its effectiveness. Read on to learn more about it and why so many experienced chiropractors use it in their practices.   What is CBP? CBP combines biology, physiology, physics, geometry, and anatomy&nbsp&nbsp[Read more…]

Great Stretches for Hip Pain

Your hips do an awful lot of work all day, supporting your entire body and keeping you in balance while you stand and walk. It’s common to experience tightness in the hips and is usually caused by tension in the hip flexor muscles. Tight hips do put you at risk for muscle pulls and injury,&nbsp&nbsp[Read more…]

Tips to Prevent Back Pain When Lifting Heavy Objects

Back pain is a common issue that can become debilitating if it’s not addressed. Individuals often experience issues with pain in their back after improperly handling heavy items. Many common issues with back pain can be alleviated by practicing these techniques when picking up and carrying heavier materials. Bend Your Knees If you need to&nbsp&nbsp[Read more…]